As the SPHS Tiger Booster Club looks back on its 50 years of support for the students of SPHS, no time has felt more impactful and rewarding than right now! This school year has been difficult for everyone and the ability to fundraise, in particular, has been especially challenging.  But Spring has sprung!  SPHS is waking up from what feels like a long nap and mobilizing for action! And the Booster Club is here to help!

Students are looking forward to their return to campus and are enjoying their favorite extra-curricular activities. Athletes are in action, the school play is taking shape in a new reimagined format, the Virtual Business and Skills USA teams are actively competing, musicians are practicing, and many other activities are kicking off. We are excited for their engagement!

SPHS Administration and Staff are working tirelessly to provide safe, enjoyable and enriching experiences for the students. They have embraced new technologies and imagined new structures for gathering and learning. We are so appreciative of their efforts!

Parents are relieved to see their students reconnecting with friends and teammates, getting out and exercising their bodies and their eyes away from screens. We share their relief!

And, through it all, the SPHS Tiger Booster Club is working to support the students so that they can have the most enjoyable experiences and achieve their own success.  We are so pleased to have been able to award over $15,000 in grants to a variety of student groups and teams this year. We are excited to provide our Class of 2021 Seniors with fun commemorative items and $5000 in scholarships. And, we are laying the groundwork for Bingo to be back up and running for the next school year so that fundraising opportunities exist for all.  We are filled with hope and are committed to action for our students!

Thank you for your support so far this year! It has been invaluable in our efforts to support the students. If you haven’t already, please visit our website and help us celebrate our 50 years by joining the “$50 for 50 years” campaign, becoming a Booster Club member, and supporting your student’s activities with direct contributions. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram. We look forward to your visit!

Dianne Parker

SPHS Booster Club President