Entering Our Sixth Decade of Supporting SPHS Students!

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!  We are excited that students will be returning to campus, and optimistic that the upcoming year will be one of greater normalcy for everyone in the school community. As
students return to their routines – or establish new routines! – we are looking forward to supporting them in their extracurricular activities, whether school clubs, drama, music or athletics. The SPHS Tiger Booster club remains committed to ensuring the students of SPHS have the best experience possible, and access to as many resources as we can provide.

In 1970, the South Pasadena High School Tiger Booster Club officially formed to coordinate fundraising efforts and maximize support for all of the students at SPHS.  Prior to that, parents had united to fundraise for their student’s individual school activities, but the formation of the Booster Club successfully coordinated and improved the success of these efforts.  And, so this school year, we begin our sixth decade of Booster Club support to SPHS!

Booster Club raises its funds primarily through membership, Tiger Bingo, and the annual Tiger Run, and the generosity of our members and the greater South Pasadena community.  We are excited about the planned return of Tiger Bingo in September, and also returning to an in-person Tiger Run with the community in December.

We hope you will support both of these efforts, while also joining SPHS Boosters as a member! Your $50 membership donation helps directly support 50 clubs and academic/athletic groups across SPHS! No matter the extracurricular activity, you can be sure SPHS Boosters provides support and opportunities for those teams and clubs to raise and manage funds.

I am thrilled to be stepping into the President role for SPHS Boosters this year and couldn’t be more excited to work alongside a fantastic team of parent volunteers and leadership from SPHS. Operated and sustained by
volunteers, the South Pasadena Tiger Booster Club is a non-profit organization that draws its members from the entire community: parents, alumni, coaches, teachers, high school staff, and local businesses.  

So, please join us! https://sphsboosters.org/shop/ 

Eric Chabot
President, SPHS Tiger Booster Club