Saida Staudenmaier

Boosters by the Numbers

2019- 2020 Booster Fall Grants and Contributions

Band Cymbals and Accessories


Baseball Backstops


Basketball – Boys Weighted Basketballs for training


Choir Uniforms


Color Guard Flags


Cross Country Strength and Conditioning equipment


Drama Props and Costumes


Football Shoulder Pads & Knee Braces


Pep Mats, straps, speakers


Skills USA Tent and Folding Platform


SPMS Gym AV System (gift for hosting Tiger Bingo)


Stadium Locker Room Benches


Stage Crew LED Curtain


Tennis –

Girls and Boys

Ball Machines (2)


Track Pole Vault Poles


Weight Room Assorted Weight Room equipment


Wrestling Weight Scale and Mats


Your continued support makes this support possible. 2019-2020 Booster Contribution list coming soon. Thank you so much.