We’re committed to the safety of our patrons and volunteers. Please bring proof of COVID vaccination to enter.

Come play Bingo!

• A fun, friendly atmosphere
• $17 buy-in for regular games
• 22 chances to win at least $250 every night
• Bingo, Speedball, Tiger T, Triple Double
• Progressive Tiger Board drawing ranging from $250 to $5000
• $500 Hawaiian Blackout
• Bonanza payouts of $250
• King and Queen paid on all games
• The biggest fundraiser for South Pasadena High School

Saturday nights

2:30 pm – Doors open for Buy-Ins
5:30 pm – Early Birds
6:10 pm – Regular Games

South Pasadena High School Gym

1400 block of Diamond Avenue, South Pasadena, CA 91030



Calendar and Special Events

Nearly every Saturday night, something special is happening at Tiger Bingo.

March 2022

3/5 Popcorn
3/12 St. Patrick’s Day: Free corned beef dinner
Second Saturday $1199 Days*
3/19 Free pack
3/26 Frequent player drawing

April 2022

4/2 Popcorn
4/9 Second Saturday $1199 Days*
4/16 Easter egg hunt with prizes Free pack. Super
Saturday for parent volunteers
4/23 Celebrating Baseball: $1 hot dog and drink
4/30 Frequent player drawing

May 2022

5/7 Mother’s Day: Free dauber and carnation pen
for every mom
5/14 Second Saturday $1199 Days*
5/21 Anniversary Night: Beach Blanket Bingo.
Free dinner, prizes.
5/28 Frequent player drawing

June 2022

6/4 Popcorn
6/11 Dads and Grads Night: $5 off buy-in. Second
Saturday $1199 Days*
6/18 Free pack
6/25 Frequent player drawing

July 2022

7/2 July 4th Celebration– $1 hot dog and drink.
Super Saturday for parent volunteers
7/9 Second Saturday $1199 Days*
7/16 Free pack
7/23 Dave Jontz Night. Free barbecue dinner
7/30 Frequent player drawing

August 2022

8/6 Popcorn
8/13 Second Saturday $1199 Days*
8/20 Summer Celebration—Free root beer float
8/27 Frequent player drawing

September 2022

9/3 Labor Day: $1 hot dog and drink. Super
Saturday for parent volunteers
9/10 Second Saturday $1199 Days*
9/17 Back to School event. Free pack
9/24 Frequent player drawing

October 2022

10/1 Popcorn
10/8 Second Saturday $1199 Days*
10/15 Free pack
10/22 Popcorn
10/29 Halloween: Costume contest, candy treats.
Frequent player drawing

November 2022

11/5 Popcorn
11/12 Second Saturday $1199 Days*
11/19 Thanksgiving: Free turkey dinner. Free pack
11/26 Frequent player drawing. Super Saturday for
parent volunteers

December 2022

12/3 Popcorn
12/10 Second Saturday $1199 Days*
12/17 Christmas: Free prime rib dinner, free dauber
and extra prizes. Free pack
12/24 Dark: Merry Christmas!
12/31 Dark: Happy New Year!

*Minimum of six $1199 games + other games

Download a printable version of this calendar here.

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Players win. Students win, too!

Come join in the fun. If you’d like to volunteer to work Bingo, please contact us!

Parent Volunteer FAQ

Q. Why volunteer?

A. Fun and Funds! Watch the above video to learn more.

Q. Do I need to be an SPHS Tiger Booster Club member to volunteer?

A. Yes. It is a requirement of California state law that all volunteers working Bingo must be Booster Club members. There is a special volunteer membership category for which no annual donation is required available for volunteers only. You sign up as a volunteer member when you sign in to work Bingo.

Q. Is there a minimum number of hours that I am expected to work?

A. Bingo shifts run from 4 p.m. to approximately 10 p.m. each Saturday.

Q. Do students work Bingo too?

A. Yes, students set up and clean up the gym each Saturday. By law, students cannot be in the gym during playing hours from approximately 4 to 9:30 p.m.. Students are only allowed to work set-up from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. and clean-up from 9:00 to approximately 10:00 p.m.

Q. How will I know when I am supposed to work?

A. The week you are scheduled to work, you will receive an email reminder that will include any additional information you may need. It is important to respond to the email and confirm that you will be there on Saturday.

Q. How will my student know when he or she is supposed to work?

A. The coach/advisor is in charge of notifying students of their assigned dates.

Q. What if I or my student can’t go on the assigned day?

A. When the reminder email is sent to you, please respond ASAP if you are unable to work your scheduled shift, this is extremely important. Also, if you know well ahead of time and have a roster for your team or group, it is OK to switch nights, or find an alternate to work your night. In that case, when you receive your reminder, just respond to the scheduler with the name of the person substituting for you.

Q. How are funds raised from Bingo distributed?

A. All of the funds raised from Bingo benefit teams and student activities. By working Bingo, you are able to tell the Booster Club board that you want Bingo Credits for your volunteer hours to go to the activity that you specify. Funds raised that exceed the amount of these designated Bingo Credits are allocated by the Booster Club for items such as gifts and grants for specific programs and needs, assisting the District with funds for athletic transportation, funding annual Senior award scholarships, and maintaining an endowment fund to continue establish reserves for the future.

Q. What do I need to know, and what can I expect when I arrive at the gym to work Bingo on Saturday night?

A. First, be sure to wear comfy shoes, because you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Sign in at the Parent Volunteer Welcome table in the southwest corner of the gym. A Parent Welcome Committee member will sign you in and give you a name badge and apron.

There will then be a short meeting with the manager and all parent workers for the night. The manager will give you some basic bingo tips, and assign you to one of two sales teams: Bonanza or Pull Tabs/Flash.

When you report to your committee table, the Bonanza or Pull Tabs committee chair will divide up the volunteers, giving you specific tasks and instructions, and will answer any questions about selling on the floor. You will also be given a small amount of cash for making change. You will then be sent out on the floor to sell. An important tip to remember is to make sure you cover all areas of the room (for Bonanza) or your assigned area (for Pull Tabs/Flash). Patrons get upset when sellers clump together or just hit certain areas of the room. Some players tend to buy more than others, so it is tempting to keep returning to specific tables, but all our players are important to us, no matter how much they spend. The Bingo Manager will explain all this in more detail.

Your committee chair will let you know the dinner break time, and you will also get other opportunities to sit down and rest your feet several times during the evening. Dinner is provided, and there will be a sheet at the dinner station for you to sign for your meal.

Volunteering at Bingo is a great opportunity to meet other parents, share information and learn interesting things about life at SPHS.

We ask that you not be on your cell phone while on the floor, unless there is an emergency, and then it would be appreciated if you took the call outside or off the floor. Your dinner break is your own time.

During the last couple games, the manager will call you together for a break. After the last bingo is called (usually around 9:30), you will gather at the gym doors with the clean-up students to thank our patrons as they are exiting. After the players have left, clean-up begins which takes about half an hour.

Q. Can I raise money to pay for my child’s uniforms, entry fees, etc. by working Bingo?

A. Your contributions by working Bingo can be designated for the benefit of a specific team, club or other approved activity. However, the funds must benefit the team or group as a whole, not a specific individual.

Q. How can I earn even more for my student’s activities.

A. Join the Bingo Committee! You’ll be trained for a certain position (e.g. manager, caller) and work, on average, once a month. For your commitment, you’ll earn double the credit of a non-committee parent volunteer!

Bingo Committee

Please click here for schedule.

See you there!

Meet interesting people, support your team, and have a good time!