Want to Volunteer?

Want to get involved and support sports, clubs, and educational programs that contribute to helping our South Pasadena High School students become skillful, balanced human beings? There are many ways to get involved and we need your help. For more information please contact our Bingo Volunteer Coordinator.

Become a Tiger Bingo Parent Volunteer 

Booster Club members over the age of 18 (who are not currently attending South Pasadena High School) can help staff Bingo nearly any Saturday night of the year. Bingo volunteering is at least as much fun as it is work and you will have the chance to meet and speak to many other active and interesting South Pasadena parents and our wonderful Bingo patrons. Get involved, volunteer for Tiger Bingo!

Become a Tiger Bingo Student Volunteer

SPHS students may volunteer for Bingo setup and Bingo cleanup.  Come help your group or team by volunteering for Tiger Bingo.  It’s fun, doesn’t take all long and you will see a lot of you friends and group/team members!

For additional details about Bingo Parent or Student volunteering please read the Bingo Volunteer FAQ.

Become a Tiger Bingo Committee Member  

The Bingo committee is a group of over 60 fantastic volunteers who provide the day-to-day leadership and operational support required to run year-round Tiger Bingo nearly every Saturday night of the year.  As a Bingo Committee Member, you will work approximately one Saturday per month, on a sub-committee such as Bingo Setup, Bingo Managers, Bingo Front Door, Bingo Finance, Bonanza, Pull Tabs, Bingo Parent Welcome and Bingo Callers.  The way to get started as a Bingo Committee member is to work as a Bingo Parent Volunteer to see what each committee job entails.  Once you have volunteered a few nights you might decide you’d like to join this group of amazing, stalwart volunteers. For more information, contact the Bingo President or the Bingo Volunteer Coordinator.

Become a Booster Club Board member

This board provides the volunteer leadership and oversight for this non-profit organization as a whole. For more information, please contact the Booster Club President

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